About Us

Hello! We are a very silly family of four. Six if you count our dog, Maui, and our cat, Harley, who are very dear members of our family.

I am a mother first, of 2 wonderful, autistic boys who are so similar yet equally opposite from each other at the same time! My husband and I are at the age where we have been together longer than we haven't. 😂 We both wanted to be there for our boys as best we could so we agreed on my leaving the mental health field and staying home to be with them. As our kids' disability needs progressed, we found we also needed the flexibility and wanted the freedom to be able to meet those special needs so my husband changed fields as well and became self-employed.

Several years later, I started wanting to do something of my own that would help contribute to the family finances as well as have an outlet for my creativity (which actually has become my own much needed therapy) and decided to open the boutique. So please know that when you shop with The Crafty Penguin Boutique, you are truly supporting a family and also a dream. 

We are so happy you stopped by! Thank you for being here!

Happy Waddles,