How long does it take to process orders?

Ready-to-ship orders are usually packaged and shipped within 48 hours of payment. Once your order is dropped off or picked up by the shipping service, we have no control over the actual shipping timeframe. Please see our Business Policies page for shipping information.

Do you create custom items?

Yes we do! Please contact us with your custom request and we will do our very best to create the item of your dreams! Once the item is ready to make, in order to check for accuracy, we will always request your approval prior to creation and again after creation prior to shipment. Please note that if we feel we cannot create your request according to our own high standards, we may politely decline.

How do we place custom orders?

You can contact us at sales@thecraftypenguinboutique.com with your custom requests. You can also send a message to our Facebook business page: www.facebook.com/TheCraftyPenguinBoutique.

What is the turnaround time (TAT) for custom items?

Please allow about 2 weeks from order payment to order shipment of custom items. Although some custom items may not need that long, some may take even longer to ship out if materials are not on hand to create them. Additional time may be needed, including the length of time it takes to locate, order, & receive the materials AND handmake the custom item(s). Once materials are on-hand, please allow up to 2 weeks for item creation. We reserve the right to adjust turnaround times depending on the number of custom orders in line at the time. We always strive our best to keep communication open and update you on the status throughout the process! 

What is your Return Policy?

Please see the Business Policies page for our Return/Refund policy.

Is there a way to shop your items in-person?

We sometimes participate in craft fairs and vendor events. If you are local, please stop by and shop with us in-person! If you are interested in learning about these in person opportunities, please subscribe to our email list and follow us on social media.

Do you have a Facebook business page or Instagram?

Yes! Please like and follow our business page on Facebook at www.facebook.com/TheCraftyPenguinBoutique or Instagram @thecraftypenguinboutique. We do live sales on our Facebook page where you can see the items as I show them, request custom items, and participate in fun contests and giveaways.

We also have a VIP group where members get exclusive perks! Join here: www.facebook.com/groups/TheCraftyPenguinBoutiqueVIP

Check out our Contact Us Page for all of our Social Media info.


If you have any other questions, please contact us via the contact page or email us at info@thecraftypenguinboutique.com.